Our Old Place

December was a busy month for us as we bought our new house and sold our condo. We absolutely adored our condo - situated in the heart of downtown Kansas City, we were literally steps away from our favorite pizza place, the grocery store, and the Crossroads arts district. Not only was it convenient, but our loft was a gorgeous space with tall 11' ceilings, cement floors, and a view that looked out over the city. The architecture encouraged a modern design with furniture. Mikael was drawn to midcentury modern style nearly 7 years ago because of its clean lines and unique styling. Once I moved in, I fell in love with the style as well. It's something we want to continue in our new home, but it's going to require a bit of blending with some of my antique pieces and the 114 year old architecture. 

So here's a look at our old place with all of our furniture and eclectic modern style. Next weekend we'll be unveiling our first house tour! We can't wait to show you our starting state before big things start happening!


  1. Man, what a cool space you created in your condo. I am new to your blog and eager to see how this style blends into your new home!