Inspiration: Living Room

As we continue to improve on our living room in the midst of renovations and boy oh boy do we have a lot of ideas on what pieces we want to buy or update. For instance, the two vintage midcentury armchairs need new cushions and we're looking at lightening up their look with bold fabric in bright yellow and perhaps even white! It would provide a strong contrast against the darker colors of the woodwork and black leather couch. Annie is a bit obsessed with gold accents (note the floor lamp and magazine rack), so she's looking for a gold glass-topped coffee table to place in the middle of room. 

Green plants freshen up the space by bringing in natural elements, plus the added benefit of purifying the air as well! Finally, we need to find a new rug with a handwoven texture in a light color that contrasts against the flat darker wood floors. Right now Moroccan rugs are really popular and they would be the perfect fit for our cozy space!

Here are a few of our favorite pins on Pinterest that reflect the look we are aiming for!

via Design You Trust
via Magnolia Market
via The Design Files

via DesignLoveFest
via The Design Files
via Anthropologie Blog
What do you think? Are we crazy for reupholstering a chair with white fabric? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

We'll catch up with you this weekend! We're stoked - Saturday we are going to the Old Home Expo by the Young Preservationists Society at the Kansas City Museum where we are going to attend workshops to learn ALL about renovating an old home! We can't wait to share what we see and find out!

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