Dining Room & Foyer Tour

These past two weeks became a bit hectic as Mikael and I hustled to finish all of our final projects in the main floor rooms in preparation for my birthday party and our visiting families. We've gotten quite a bit accomplished: we got rid of the yard waste at a local recycling company, sold the ugly dilapidated iron railing in the front yard to a metal recycling facility, completed (for the most part) the dining room and foyer, repotted a bunch of plants, had an electrician update some wiring, and began work on our messy office. We also got an overwhelming response on our last post about researching our house and we've delved even further into its history! I cannot wait to share all of those updates soon.

I just got our house back in working order after the family visits thanks to Spring Break (woot woot!), so I figured I'd show off our completed dining room and foyer before they devolve into messiness again with our next project. 

Here you can see my antique dining table from my great grandmother, which would be fairly period appropriate for the house. It's a cute round table with claw feet that expands out to a six foot length with the leaves. Unfortunately, the table has seen better days. So while it works temporarily, soon I want to take it to a professional for refinishing and replaning of the leaves. We paired it with our original dining room chairs that bring in our midcentury modern style. The last furniture piece we need for this room is a long credenza to sit against the North wall (the one on the right in the picture). The room feels a little big in comparison to the dining set, so that sideboard will help complete the room.

I cannot wait to switch out the chandelier from the foyer into this room. While I love gold, the brass is just too much for this room and the glass chandelier will make much more of an impact above the dining table. This chandelier likely will end up in the master bathroom or master closet. 

This adorable bar cart has found its home in this perfectly fitting nook of the bay window, plus it was the ideal spot for a champagne bar at my birthday party! We adore this little bar cart. It's similar to West Elm's, but since it was from Overstock it was half of the price. The mix of natural wood and matte brass helps the piece make a statement, but not be over the top (like the chandelier). 

I just picked up this beauty from a Craigslist seller for a steal at $50! It's clean lines and rounded back immediately drew me to the chair. It currently has a newly covered seat in a cotton cloth in lime green. It's a bit funky and ultimately time will tell whether that fabric will last or be swapped for another style.

The foyer! It's finally finished! You guys, it was a serious struggle and nearly broke both of our spirits for renovation. Remember how it looked before? The paint was both avocado green and mint green on various walls. I'm not sure what it was with the paint in this room, but it just would not take any new color! We suspect it was outdoor paint and no matter how many passes with the roller, the paint just wouldn't adhere. Mikael finally ran over to Home Depot to pick up some primer and after a few more layers of paint we finally have white walls! We got so burnt out on painting that we decided to just leave the walls with the primer on them and actually we really like the result! The primer is a crisp white, just like we had picked out, and super matte so it hides a lot of the imperfections in the walls. 

I repotted our houseplants into crisp white IKEA pots that continue the airiness of the room. I also picked up those two silver vases at West Elm on sale for just $25! What a steal. 

We've got a final patch we need to complete near that light in the back. We had an electrician relocate the light and rework the outlet so that it is up to code. Mikael just has to finish patching the plaster and we'll just cover it all up with another couple layers of primer and we'll be good to go!


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