Front Porch: First Changes & a Vintage Find

When we first saw the house, the ornate custom front door immediately captured our attention. Since then, we've dreamed of making over the front of our house to become a show stopper. Our front porch is beginning to shape up thanks to a bit of elbow grease, strategic purchases, gifts from parents, and a little electrical work by Mikael. 

As we were doing our final walk through for the house, we discovered this antique mailbox in the basement. It clearly was very old and at that moment I was unable to tell what it was made from. I knew it was some type of metal, but it was so tarnished and dirty that it was difficult to immediately know. However, as Mikael and I began working outside, we knew we wanted to hang up the antique wall mounted mailbox because it just fit with the style of our house. So as I went to wipe it off with a damp cloth, I noticed the few hints of copper coming through under the tarnished brown exterior. 

So immediately, I Googled how to shine copper and discovered you could do it easily with only lemon and salt! I took the mailbox outside and started scrubbing and scrubbing... and scrubbing...

The copper began to show through really easily! So here's the lessons I learned from this project: 1) You'll need both a lot of lemon and salt. Don't be afraid to soak the metal! 2) Use an old kitchen dish scrubber. It will save your hands! 3) You'll have to scrub really hard and it's OK! You won't hurt it if the copper is thick enough. 4) Don't try to make it perfect. It's an antique and some of the patina helps keep the piece reflect a bit of its history!

So while I was working on this, Mikael was installing our new doorbell. It had been one of those ugly plastic doorbells that had likely been installed in the 1980s. We looked around on several sites to find historic replicas that would fit with the period of the house. We found the perfect one on House of Antique Hardware!

Isn't it cute?! Color me imPRESSed. (Sorry! I just had too!) It gives a great first impression to our guests and makes a beautiful statement! I absolutely adore our little doorbell.

Whenever I imagine a well-tailored home, I always think of a house with a welcome wreath on the door. So now that I finally have a front door to decorate, I knew I had to get a wreath! I picked up this dried eucalyptus wreath from Target on sale for around $30. It adds a fun pop with Rifle Paper-esque colors that contrast against the warmth of the wood door. I hung it up on the glass using a suction cup hook. (FYI, command strips just don't work on glass!)

My parents donated a wicker couch and chair for our front porch, so this week I'm hoping to spray paint them black and update the cushions. I'll show you that progress as those come along! 

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  1. Those are some quality changes that you made to the porch and to be honest it is looking wonderful. Just amazed that how you made the changes and objects vintage.