Powder Room Reno - Part 2

Hello! Sorry we've been so few and far between in our posts recently. Quite honestly, progress has been a bit slow here at our home. We've still been working on our powder room, but it just is taking a while to accomplish any changes that really show in pictures. So let me remind you where we left off - we had pulled out the drywall ceiling and some of the wall framing in the bathroom. So inevitably, we had to remove the remaining framing around the door. Thankfully with our saws-all we were able to make pretty quick work of that. However, keep in mind, we were removing the framing around the door, plus also the ceiling too in both the powder room and hallway.

We took a brief break with the bathroom and decided to go ahead the clean up the walls in the hallway. If you look in early pictures, the hallway was just painted this light blue color, not the prettiest but nothing a can of paint can't cure. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection we realized the walls actually had wallpaper on them and then were painted over! So cool. As a result, we took a sidestep down a renovation rabbit hole and decided to remove the wallpaper down to the plaster walls. This took us about 3 days to accomplish and quite honestly was hard work. But it goes pretty well when you have a partner. It also makes it go way more quickly if you use a wallpaper steamer and putty knives to scrape. Be careful though - that water in the steamer can get dangerously hot! Also, if you pride yourself on having perfect nails, you might want to wear rubber gloves.

Next, Mikael built the frame for the powder room. After a lot of research and calculations, he figured out the layout and built the frame on the floor of our kitchen. The only minor issue we ran into was the fact that Mikael measured so well that the frame was suuuper tight as we tried to put it in. However, he managed to hammer it into place and that baby isn't going anywhere!

Framing and hanging the door was the next step, because you just can't have a bathroom without a door! We picked up the door at Architectural Salvage. Its only a two panel door, but its vintage quality will make it match well enough with the rest of the house. We then ran to Lowes and picked up an oak door jamb. Mikael then notched out the door hinges and built the jamb inside the door frame. Initially, when put into place the door was just a hair too high, so Mikael just barely shifted the door down to allow more gap at the top. I was really impressed with his calculations here because he set the door just perfectly so that when it is open, the door won't slam into the window frame in the hallway.

We then reinforced the floor with a plywood subflooring to create a solid surface for the tile. On Monday we had an electrician out to rewire the lights and install outlets. We set it up so that the light switch to the hallway is in the kitchen (just on the other side of the wall). We also had a double outlet put in the back corner of the hallway for our future coffee station in the pantry. New lights were wired in the hallway and powder room ceilings as well. So finally we had light in the bathroom!! Small wins.

As I'm writing this, Mikael is just finishing framing out the nook in the powder room. Initially, we didn't know it existed, but as we were demolishing we discovered the cavity had been covered with drywall. So our plan is to create built in shelving for the bathroom to house all of those necessary accessories for the room (toilet paper, towels, etc.) and decorative items. He's just finished the framing so we can now begin to move on to drywall! I cannot tell you just how excited I am for that to get started!

So what's next? Drywall and mudding and skim coating. Remember how I told you we were going to get professionals in to do that? Nah. Not happening anymore. We've decided we're doing it ourselves (aka Mikael has decided!!)! We'll see how that goes. But once that's accomplished, we can begin painting. We're in the process of ordering a tin ceiling for the bathroom and hallway. It will help cover up the crumbling plaster ceilings and make a statement! We're going to paint them white, so it won't be too crazy.

our tin ceiling pattern

inspiration photo from American Tin Ceilings

Next, we'll install the tile flooring. We chose a shiny white penny tile with an onyx grout. It should be dramatic, but fit in with the historical trends of the house! Finally, the fixtures and then we're done! I can't wait! It should be all finished up by early June and I could not be happier to have my first floor bathroom back soon. 

We'll keep you updated on how drywall goes! Have a great rest of your week!

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