Updating the Front Porch

If you remember this picture from the Spring Garden post, you may have been distracted by the "beautiful" furniture on our front porch. These were gifts from my mom (AKA she was cleaning out her house and decided to gift us these pieces) and had this ugly brown paint color that was chipping and revealing a horrendous green paint underneath. We knew immediately that although the loveseat and chair were ugly ducklings, with just a bit of paint and new cushions, they'd become beautiful butterflies! It was really important to us that we updated our front porch furniture ASAP because it's our favorite place to relax on weekend mornings when its warm! On Sundays we grab breakfast, head out to the porch, curl up on the loveseat, and go through the newspaper. 
in the process of painting
First thing we had to do with those furniture pieces was to clean them up. I took a wire brush to them and scraped off as much excess paint as I could. Then I wiped them clean with cleaning wipes. Once cleaned, I went to town spraying them a semi-gloss black color. We knew we wanted black because it is easy to maintain and contrasts well against all of the red and white of our home! It took two days to complete with the dry times and I went through about 5 cans of spray paint. But the time was worth it because it took these frumpy looking chairs from drab and ugly to chic and like-new!
Once the painting was complete, we went out to At Home - a home decor store way out in the suburbs. They essentially are a brick-and-mortar Overstock and the store is enormous! We went in just to buy new cushions, but ended up buying way more! We picked up an outdoor rug, side table, candle, flower pot, cushions, and pillows all for about $250. All together, they have enhanced the porch space immensely!
It's now become this new outdoor living space for us and really helps enhance the look of our front porch! I love escaping to this space in the morning and getting to pretend for just a few minutes that we don't have any more work to do!
As you might have noticed from the pictures as well, our roses have bloomed! In fact quite a few of our plants have blossomed here in the past few weeks.
The roses are so beautiful and bring me so much joy when I see them! 
Our peonies too have bloomed and now I'm making lots of bouquets to decorate our house with the gorgeous fluffy pink flowers! My favorite thing is to go to Trader Joe's and pick up a few flowers and make a bouquet that is enhanced with our own garden! In the picture below, all I bought were the yellow sunflowers! I added in our red roses from the rose bush, the pink peonies, and gigantic hosta leaves from our front lawn. Simple and beautiful.
We've also discovered that our cherry tree in the backyard produces edible, sweet cherries! So this past week, I've been out on the ladder picking as many as my little arms can reach! I'm not entirely sure what we'll make with them. I've already frozen a bunch for future use, but its now time to make something specific. I've gotten so many great suggestions already, so I'm going to have to do a bit of research to make a final decision there!
Aren't they gorgeous? We've already been enjoying these cherries in yogurt, smoothies, and on top of oatmeal! Surrounding all of this though, we are still hard at work on the bathroom. Later this week, I'll provide an update of our progress because we are getting close!! So be on the look out for that because, people, we have walls!! I am so unbelievably ecstatic about that! 
Catch you soon,


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  2. Great update! That side table is adorable!

  3. You have such a beautiful porch and you have decorated it so nicely.I got an idea after seeing your porch that how could I decorate my porch.