Powder Room Inspiration

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As I envisioned the space of the newly renovated powder room, I knew I wanted it to be an elegant, chic, and stunning little room. Since it is so so tiny, it really gave us the chance to play a bit risky with bolder colors than what we might normally do. I adore the color emerald with its multi-dimensional hue - it varies from bright green to dark green to dark teal. I love the mixing of the colors because it aids in the vibrancy of the hue. So emerald was the wall color I decided upon for the powder room. When I told Mikael about my idea, he was pretty reluctant. He thought that maybe we should just do one wall or go with another color. However, once I painted the room he definitely was convinced!
To help lighten the space, we are using white penny tile and contrasting it with black grout. Additionally, we're painting the tin ceiling tiles white. So both of these will play well off of the darker emerald walls. 

Powder Room Inspiration

Although I wanted to use gold fixtures, Mikael convinced me to go with matte black - so our faucet, toilet paper holder, and plumbing will all be black. Beyond that though, I was able to get some gold touches into the room. We've picked up two beautiful gold light fixtures, one from etsy and another from West Elm!

Finally, in the bathroom nook we're installing cedar plank shelving. They will house two copper baskets that will hold toilet paper and linens. I can also foresee creating a mini-gallery wall within the room as well!

I cannot wait for the room to come together! This weekend we are going to tile the floor, so that's going to make it feel like we are so much closer to the end!

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  1. The post outlook is fantastic. The green and white color scheme is blending in nicely. However, the content may just be appealing enough to an architecture based audience and not much.