Powder Room Reno - Part 3

Here we are! Part three of the powder room renovation and we are nearing the end! Walls are up, drywall and plaster are skimmed, and paint is done! 
As we left off in the last update post, the wall was framed and the next step was to put up drywall. It ended up being a bit more challenging than we initially accounted for. It involved a lot of measuring, re-measuring, and a few instances of screwing in and then removing drywall! Again, it comes in handy that Mikael is an engineer and good with numbers, which helped with all of the calculations that were involved. 
Once the walls were screwed in, taping and mudding had to be done. Remember how I said before that we were going to hire this part out? Nope, we really did do it. (As in Mikael really did do it and I cleaned up the mess.) The challenge that we ended up facing was ensuring that the tap laid flat against the drywall. 
Here in the corner, you can see the lovely taping job that Mikael did! 
Here's the little cubby that we built! It was already there behind the previous drywall, so we opened it up, re-drywalled in the area so that it will hold shelves to store toilet paper, linens, and pretty items.
The next steps involved smoothing and sanding all of the walls in the bathroom - trying to fix any imperfections in the walls. Mikael quickly learned the lesson of making sure the mixture was thinned enough to let it dry quickly enough. One other thing we quickly learned is how messy all of this was. The drywall dust and particulates got everywhere! In the future, I'm going to make sure we put up a plastic protective sheet to help keep the dust limited to the work area.
You may notice that the wall into the hallway hasn't been taped. Mikael decided to hold off that project until we work on the actual hallway. 
We then primed the wall for painting. It likely would have been better if we had chosen a primer that was suited for darker colors, because it took us 3+ layers to completely cover the wall in the finished paint. The color I chose for the room was Sherwood Forest by Benjamin Moore. It's a lovely emerald color that is going to make the space look stunning!
So here's how the painting turned out! I adore the color and it is going to look unbelievable once we are finished! Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my vision for the space since we are getting much closer to the end! Be on the lookout for that! 

Our next steps in the process are to tile the floor, paint and install the ceiling tile, paint the moldings, and install the plumbing and light fixtures! That'll be on the next (and last) powder room reno post!


  1. as much as it is a hectic job renovating places i think it is also amazing if you take the area as a blank canvas and fill with things from your mind. and you seem creative enough to rock it

  2. Hi Anne, I read this blog post when you first posted it and more than a year later I finally decorated my guest bathroom and used your post as inspiration! I know have a teal and gold powder room! :) I was a little less bold with the paint but just wanted to thank you for the inspiration! https://claireimaginarium.com/2017/10/22/guest-bathroom-reveal/