Delays and Ongoings

Hello everyone! Sorry for the amount of time between posts. We've been having quite a bit of delays in our projects due to unforeseen circumstances. These delays have set us back on completion of our bathrooms, but we are continuing to slowly move forward! So I figured I would share some updates on what's been going on in our world because we haven't disappeared!

Remember back to the powder room project? That is slowly coming together, but after some changes to our original plans. The sink we were planning to use was the original ceramic wall-mount sink and we were going to pair it with sleek new black fixtures. However, once the plumbers came in to work on the sink, they quickly shared the news that the sink drill holes for the faucet were not set in the correct position to allow the use of our new faucet. So, ultimately we had to ditch our whole sink idea. Bummer... We ended up buying a sink/cabinet combination from IKEA - not ideal, but it works. We'll show pictures once we get the whole room together!

Now as for that other bathroom... We nearly got the whole thing completed, but then of course a leak started. The pan for the shower in the third floor started to leak and slowly began to work its way through the second floor bathroom's ceiling. Several hundred dollars later the leak was fixed, but there is now a 2'x2' hole in the drywall ceiling. Mikael is planning on fixing that here in the next few weeks. So we finally have all of the bathroom furniture in the room, but there's just a big hole in the ceiling. To be fair though, if all had gone according to plan we would have been able to complete the bathroom remodel in 3 days, which is pretty awesome! I won't leave you completely hanging though, above is a picture of the freshly painted linoleum and the new yellow rug I picked up at TJ Maxx! Our cats are very happy with this new purchase.

While at TJ Maxx, I also picked up several faux orchids and succulents. I love how they look in the living room because I cannot seem to keep any plants alive in that room! 

a fun pop of color for the front entry!

Also for fun news this week,  we discovered with our plumber that our house gas light pipes were still active. Ok, so let me back up and explain. Before our house was wired for electricity, the original lighting was fueled by gas funneled through pipes throughout the house. As we were removing the horrendous ceiling fans in the second floor rooms we saw the pipe stubs of the original gas lights coming through the hole in the ceiling. We had known that there was gas lighting throughout the house previously, but assumed that all of that had been turned off. We had a plumber out to double-check the gas was off, but quickly learned it wasn't! So that was exciting.

Last week, I ended up lucking out and found fiddle leaf figs at Home Depot! I've been looking for fiddle leaf figs for ages and had never found them anywhere. I was so excited to find them and I cannot wait to see them grow nice and tall! (I've got them planted in IKEA pots! I love their crisp white color with the simple pattern.) Hopefully, my black thumb will turn green for these guys!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Mikael and I are headed to South Dakota for Dane Days - a Danish festival in Viborg. It's going to be a fun time!


  1. Love the fiddle leaf figs. Good luck on the bathrooms!!

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  3. Très jolie décoration, j'aime beaucoup !